is a betting site with many different games that are available for international customers to play, including casino and sports-betting options as well as poker tournaments on the Microgaming Network which has great potential if you’re looking at more casual gaming!

Guts is a company with of fices in Canada and the UK, which offers an extensive range of wagers that are available to residents across both continents. The site also provides fast payouts thanks to its smart technology backed by intelligent customer support agents ready 24/7 whether you need help or advice on how best to play your favourite game! GUTS Mobile allows users to keep their betting products close at hand as they travel around town so there’s never any fear about not being able to find what it takes inside one thousand miles away from home base.


Banking is committed to providing you with a hassle-free experience and we use cutting-edge gaming software that ensures players receive their bet without any issues whatsoever! With Guts Sports provided by iGamingCloud, your live betting sessions will run smoothly on the site while maintaining an easy navigation layout for quick access throughout each game of bingo or sportsbook selection available at guts casino.

The gaming experience at Guts Casino is second to none. The software has over 1,000 games available and multiple top developers which means you’re sure to find what your heart desires among them! It also offers no download casino online with NetEnt as its provider – powered by Microgaming , Betsoft NYX Gaming Play’n GO Scientific Games Evolution GD Quickspin Geni Yggdrasil Red Tiger Pragmatic.

Guts poker is now available to players on the Microgaming network. This means that instead of using their old software, you’ll be able to use new versions created by them and enjoy all its features – such as HD graphics! The sites recommend downloading an app for your computer if desired since this allows access at any time without need-based restrictions like connections do (although there are still some).



The deposit options at this online casino are more than decent. For starters, Canadians will be able to make easy and free deposits from the cashier without any verification requirements when they sign up for an account! They also offer many different credit card types as well as PayPal so there’s something here that should suit every player just right-sized appropriately according to their needs in terms of payment methods or currency preferences ( CAD ).

Withdrawing your money is fast and easy with Neteller. You can get cash immediately, by bank wire transfer (which takes about 3 days) or through Skrill withdrawal options that are available on our site in just two hours!


Guts offers a streamlined mobile experience with two main tabs to view all of the sports and live to bet.

Guts Mobile Casino offers the most engaging game selection for players on the go. With more than 600 slots, mobile tables games and progressives to choose from there’s something here that will suit every player!

The only reason why we can’t give this game a perfect rating is that it doesn’t offer downloadable mobile apps, and there are no dedicated applications either. You’re stuck playing from the website or poker room when on the go – which isn’t ideal for anyone!

Sports Betting

The design of Guts is simple and clean with a white background that makes everything stand out. There are numerous sportsbook options for you to choose from including football, ice hockey tennis basketball handball American Football- all the way down on one side or across depending upon your preference!

When betting on sporting events, Canadians have access to some of the most popular leagues at their fingertips. The bookmaker offers stats for every match so that you can make informed decisions while browsing and choosing your own lineup of bets! You’ll find it easy-peasy even if yer new to the game because they give default odds formats which are American (Decimal)or Canadian Fractional.

Casino Games

Guts Casino has an amazing selection of online slots available. The collection can vary based on location since not all providers are provided in every region but most Canadian players should have no problem finding 600+ choices between video and classic types, as well as 3D varieties for those who love them! You’ll also be able to group your selections by the provider if that’s what interests you most – we’ve got Canada covered here at GUTS!

Progressive Slots are always exciting to play since the jackpots grow with every bet. In some of Guts Casino’s games, such as Mega Moolah and Arabian Nights which have a combined total purse of over $2 million dollars – you could win it all in just one spin! Other popular slot machines include Fortune Teller II (with an average payout of around 90 cents on each penny!), Hindu god pack series 3rd edition(worth playing if your religion Practices Hinduism)and Hall Of Gods where players can choose from nine different mythological creatures.

Guts has a great selection of games in their lobby, with multiple versions for each game. It’s not just blackjack or roulette; they have other options like baccarat and Hold’em poker too!

The best way to enjoy a game of blackjack or poker is by playing it at one of the many tables available on this site. You can choose from low-limit bets, where you’ll have little risk if your card doesn’t come out right but still want some fun with no commitment; live dealer options allow for real dealers and players who are professional in their job abilities as well as making sure everyone has an enjoyable experience no matter what type they prefer- Asian games such as Hong Kong syllabus regulated casino plethora of gaming choices!

By clicking on the star icon next to a game’s name, you can add it as one of your favourites and have easy access when playing.


The online poker room on the site is part of Microgaming Poker Network (MPN), which means it gets decent traffic for Texas Hold’em and Canadian players can find live tables around the clock. Omaha games are also available but don’t attract as many players; however, there was a choice between three casino table types in order to make up for this deficiency – standard blackjack or roulette with no minimum bet requirement!

Casual players will find the guts poker software to be a lot of fun. limits start at just one and two cents, making it an excellent game for beginners who want something with low buy-in costs but still high action levels!

Guts Poker is the place for players who love real money games and want to take their gaming experience up a notch. The best part about this network? You can win big if you get four of the kind or better, but not just yet because there’s still time left in our promotion!

Promotions and Bonuses

If you’re looking for an online bookmaker that offers bigger welcome bonuses than most other sites, then Guts is the place. For example, their 100% up to $100 bonus can be obtained with just one click of your mouse! The deposit and wager requirements are also on par quality-wise but here at Gut’s, we think this offer deserves higher odds: 5 bets placed within 15 days or more will earn Marie Antoinette wilds free spins – something everyone wants when they gamble heavily (and lose).

Guts Casino is the place for gamers who want to take their luck up a notch. You’ll get 100 free spins without any wagering requirements when you make your first deposit at GUTS, and they’re not just given away – these extra privileges come with an amazing offer from Book Of Dead! The code CA500 gives users to access all kinds of benefits including increased chances (100%!)to win real money while playing online casino games like Blackjack or Roulette; there are no withdrawal limits either so cash prizes.

VIP and Extras

The Guts Loyalty Squad is the best way to show your commitment as a customer. Join this program and you’ll be rewarded with priority payouts, anniversary bonuses, personal account managers for all of your sporting needs; exclusive deals every day on-site or via email newsletter subscriptions-it doesn’t stop there! Birthday gifts are also included in case we forget how old someone turned while they were away celebrating their big days (we’ve got something just right). So what do ya say? Want some free stuff?!

The Guts Poker loyalty program is a great way to earn points and get cash back. It offers up to 30% Rakeback through its specialized point system, which can be earned when playing for real money as well as paying tournament fees or raking in other games like blackjack with your regular bet size! There are four different levels within this awesome club: bronze allows members an opportunity at getting more of what they’ve put into it while still being able to use some Helping Hand support along the way; silver grants additional profit margins based on how much you’re investing.

In addition, punters can take advantage of special promotions that might be offered by Guts Sports. They celebrate popular leagues with increased odds for selected betting options and Canadian customers will receive a refund on their wagers if predictions don’t go as planned!

The promotions at Guts Casino never stop. When you switch over to their popular site, there’s always a chance for big giveaways and prize pools worth C$100k or more! You can even take part in special tasks by playing certain games like blackjack – which will give an extra 50 credits on top of your five-hand streak if successful (and lucky)! On Fridays, though it turns into a great slot day as well because using Gut’s bonus code “GUTSSPIN” shuts off 10 free spins after triggering one specific trigger.

Poker players can win prizes from new player tournaments every Wednesday. The Bad Beat Jackpot is available on the entire network and it’s a large sum that could be worth more than $100k! You have to opt-in by checking “Bad beat” under qualifying tables, but if you lose with four of the kind or better then your profit share will reach 40%.

The Punter’s Freeroll is a free-to-play event where the top 10 players will receive €10 in gifts from Guts Poker. This Wednesday, join us for our second competition of 2017 and have your chances at winning big!

Customer Support

The large live chat button in the bottom right corner is a great way to get help from Guts support team members quickly and easily. Just click on it, enter your name or email address so they know where you’re located geographically (using their online map), and select what type of assistance sounds like needed most – whether that be general game information like how many hours ago was last login time?, troubleshooting tips for specific games modes/structures such as Call Of Duty Warzone rotational gameplay ritualistic suicide sessions.’s FAQ page has an open search bar to help you find the answer faster and multiple categories, such as frequently asked questions or general knowledge about their product line-up on top of responses that are useful for customers who want more information than just a quick fix when something goes wrong with one purchase made online.

Our Verdict

Guts has something for everyone with its massive online casino, top-notch sportsbook and poker room. The odds in the former are really nice because you can get sharp cashback while playing your favourite game; it’s also easy to play low stakes at Guts thanks to both their friendly staff (who will help teach new players how)and the wide selection of games!

Guts is a great online casino with some of the most reliable and trustworthy gambling sites in Canada. You can get 100 free spins on one popular slot when you sign up, which also triggers an impressive bonus worth upwards of 200%. There are several banking options available for gamers who want quick withdrawals-and your winnings will be promptly sent to you after cashing out!