Event Horizon is a new slot from Betsoft that combines the classic gameplay of yesteryear with cutting-edge technology. It features 243 paylines and 5 reels on an exciting 5v3 grid that enhances its galactic theme, making it feel like you’re in space! The flash technology in this game is breathtaking and gives some excitement as you play all those wins randomly – what could be better?

Jackpots and maximum payouts

Event Horizon is a 96.51% RTP game. This means that players can expect to win prestige or lose their entire bet on any given spin – not uncommon! The minimum coin value starts at 0.02 BTC, and the maximum increases to 25 bitcoins (over $100). If you’re looking for high-stakes entertainment, this might be perfect for you.

This slot machine features many symbols, each with unique properties. For example, cherries can be combined to increase your chances of winning – if the symbol appears three times in a row, chances are you’ll get another turn! Bells will also help when playing multiple paylines because they remind everyone around you how much time is left before someone else takes over – and don’t forget about these cards: 10 J K Q A are just a few of the many other options.

Event Horizon slots developed by Betsoft software include a wild symbol and a reel sync feature. The bright planet substitutes all other symbols on your reels; he can replace them anytime during the game without warning! There are also no scatter pictures or bonus rounds in this slot, which are some of the common things you see in most video slots these days, but don’t worry about getting bored because a lot is going on here instead. – you can find yourself rich with rewards from 15 to 200 coins by matching 3 to 5 cards using cherry bonuses that give an extra 100 loyalty points per match made along with regular wins.

Required bonus features

Synchronization of drums. This feature will match three or more sync rings collected simultaneously to unlock prizes such as free spins and special offers. The only other bonus in this slot is the wild symbol, which can substitute for any other regular icons in your chain to create wins!

  • Clip synchronization function

The reels are synced, and you win! This feature is unique to Event Horizon, where every time the reels are set in motion, there is a chance that two or more of them will match up. The more they sync, the more your chances of winning prizes increase; it activates at the start of each pain spin, but when three adjacent fields have the same symbol in all five positions, those spaces can expand to six lines (or even seven).

Jackpots and maximum payouts

With the reel sync feature and the wild symbol working together, players can trigger a range of jackpot-worthy features. These include:

  • 7

Collect a seven to win the massive jackpot of 1,000 coins!

  • Bells

When five identical bells appear on the reels, they trigger the 500 coin jackpot!

  • Triple Stripes

Once five matching triple lines land on the reels, the 400 coin jackpot is activated.

Jackpots and maximum payouts

The game has a fixed jackpot of 1000 coins, which can be obtained by matching sevens on all 5 reels. Two other bonuses are available: bell or bar symbols that will give you 144k points if they match perfectly throughout your session! While the no-free spins feature reduces this game’s chances of being played frequently (except for those who love slots), there is scatter terrain and a wild symbol – both are important if you want to increase your chances of big rewards while you play.

Play for free or for real money

The demo game is a great way to get a feel for how the slot machine works and offers players free access without any risk. However, suppose you want to get more out of your experience than just playing in the demo mode (which can also be done on various online sites). In that case, the lack of a reel sync feature may not hurt you – only bonuses await those who spend some real money in Canadian casinos! The app works on all mobile devices, including Android or iOS phones, as long as the Google Play Store has loaded on them.


Event Horizon is a simple game with classic slot machine elements. The only special features offered by this software are reel sync and wild symbols that can give you bonuses when they land on consecutive positions on the reels (for example: if there are an even number of them). It has an RTP percentage close enough to 96% and high maximum payouts that will please any player! You have two betting options, from 0.02 coins to 125 coins max. So whatever your preference, we have something perfect waiting for you here.